tracking devices for cell phones

Concerns about the devices have already been aired in the courtroom. The FBI used a court order to use a Stingray to track down an Arizona man, Daniel David Rigmaiden, who was accused of submitting fraudulent tax returns in order to collect millions of dollars worth of rebates. In 2012, Rigmaiden filed a motion to suppress crucial evidence against him that was collected using the cell-phone tracker, but a U.S. district judge denied that motion.

Using “OFF Pocket” is not illegal. It does not cause complications with your cellular phone service, either, since it isn’t doing anything more than what you would experience if you were out of range of a cellular tower. But that does mean that it could cause your battery to go down in strength faster than normal, since it continues to search for cellular service as if you were out of service range.

At the hospital, the victims, ages 31 and 33, and the wife of one of the victims told police the attacker carried a “large gun with a magazine that appeared to hang out the bottom of the gun,” the affidavit said.

“OFF Pocket” was birthed in 2011, and it is just the latest invention by the designer who is also credited with also creating a tool to scramble facial recognition software, which is another electronic method used by law enforcement to help them catch criminals. Of course facial recognition software is also used by businesses and the military to aid them in controlling access to high-security facilities, and also used in other nonthreatening ways.

“They say this info isn’t private because it’s just identifying technology to see who is in the range on their device. We think it’s incredibly private,” said Nathan Freed Wessler, an attorney working on privacy issues with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). “It’s not just showing you the range and movements of a potential suspect, but thousands of people at a time. It shows if you are sitting in your bedroom or your living room at that time, if you are in a doctor’s office or a psychiatrist’s office, if you are in your lover’s bedroom.”

There is also the drawback that schools, police and emergency personnel will not be able to locate you in the event of an emergency with your child or spouse while you are using “OFF Pocket”. And if the battery is dead from your use and you end up having an emergency immediately afterward yourself, like due to a mugging or carjacking by a criminal, then you will be the one to suffer from using the product.

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